Human Literacy Pedagogy

We Are A Human Literacy School Community


This is our third year as a Human Literacy School Community that continues to strengthen learning and wellbeing.

Human Literacy begins as a Pedagogy to support teachers to understand how to develop essential and innovative practices that improve the holistic learning and wellbeing of all students.

Parents and carers also form a strong partnership with our school to nurture the growth of their child.



The key objectives of Human Literacy are as follows:

  • An innovative pedagogy that is the frontier of education, creating future-poof, world-class school communities;
  • An environment where teachers and students co-create engaging, life-long learning opportunities within spaces that meet student individual needs, and ignite creativity and innovation in partnership with the school community;
  • A school community that improves relationships and self-efficacy for all stakeholders – students, staff and parents;
  • A holistic and sustainable learning and teaching practice model that improves learning and wellbeing outcomes for all students;
  • A world where students see and value themselves as a proactive citizen that can make a positive difference using agency and voice;
  • A culture that promotes positive mental health through self-regulation, resilience, and emotional intelligence.


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