Human Literacy Pedagogy

We Are A Human Literacy School Community

This our second year as a Human Literacy School Community to continue to strengthen learning and wellbeing. Human Literacy focuses on our knowledge of being human, and allows us to use this knowledge to empower our learning and our lives. It is the essential foundation to progressive and sustainable life-long learning and wellbeing. 

Young people are facing more challenges in their lives now than ever before, no matter their background and socio-economic status. Changes this century to technology and media have added new complexities to the way we relate to ourselves, others and our world. If we provide our students with ongoing and rich Human Literacy learning opportunities, based on solid research, this will assist them greatly to understand themselves, their ability to relate to their world, and how they can make positive changes and choices that will help them lead healthier and more successful lives.

Human Literacy goes beyond social and emotional learning. It harnesses the importance of a values based education, promotes safety (including Cyber safety), nurtures a growth mindset, and supports students to be innovative thinkers and actioneers. Human Literacy consists of 5 key elements: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional (known as the S.P.I.C.E. elements).

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