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Welcome to Maramba Primary School where we believe every child is entitled to an outstanding education, which involves nurturing the whole child and the development of students as independent learners. Your child deserves the best from our school and the dedicated staff seek to provide this in many ways. The most important of which are a well-planned and well-taught curriculum. Classroom environments are engaging and fun, igniting each student’s passion for learning.

We instil a respectful school culture and deliver an educational program conducive to student learning and development by creating learning experiences, which encompass problem solving, critical thinking and creativity, while developing students’ natural curiosity. We continually strive to be able to draw on the very best practice the education system has to offer and ensure each child benefits from its influence. This also means providing our students with excellent educational experiences inclusive of our extensive student leadership program.

In addition to the robust and comprehensive Victorian Curriculum, which includes specialist courses in the Arts and utilises the school’s comprehensive facilities and extensive grounds for PE, sports and outdoor activities play a major part in the development and lives of the students at Maramba Primary.

At Maramba, we value diversity through appreciating our multicultural society and all the differences this can bring to our community. These celebrated attributes help us to think divergently and embrace all the unique qualities we have in our Maramba family.

However, teachers, school staff, and students cannot do this on their own. Excellent results are achieved when a school community works together. This includes parents and/or carers supporting their children at home by encouraging learning, good conduct and high expectations.

By working together, the school community can deliver every child an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the world they will inherit and instilling in each of them a foundation for lifelong learning.

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