Foundation Literacy

Students at Maramba Primary School are immersed in a fun and engaging learning program. All activities are differentiated according to student needs. Our focus is to ensure the Early Years of Schooling are successful with English and Mathematics being an integral part of this process. 

Literacy includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. We build on the skills brought from home and kinder and continue the student's development to communicate with peers and adults effectively.


Little Leaners Love Literacy Program


We are strong believers that reading is an essential part of all future learning and for this reason we have incorporated the Little Learners Love Literacy Program into our daily practice. In this fun and engaging program, students meet a character named Milo Monkey. They are introduced to each letter of the alphabet through story telling. Milo invites his friends one by one to his birthday surprise, but they all seem to be busy! At the end of introduction of all the letters and their most common sounds, students surprise Milo with a surprise birthday party and all of Milo’s friends attend the party. It is a wonderful celebration of learning that students love.

We have achieved excellence in learning with this explicit, multi-sensory literacy program that focuses on 'phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge' giving children the skills they need to read, spell and write with confidence. They quickly learn the letter name and sound through exciting tasks they complete. Oral language activities are also an integral part of learning which leads to creative writing. Students are introduced to various oral language activities to enhance their ability to transfer verbal communication into written language.

Big Talk/Big Write

At Maramba Primary School children in Year 1 to 6 participate in ‘The Big Write and VCOP’ program. This is an exciting initiative to encourage and engage children to become expert writers. We slowly introduce parts of this program to Foundation students by implementing ‘Big Talk’. Each week, students are given a specific topic that they first talk about at home and then at school which develops their speaking and listening skills. The premise of the Big Write is that, if students can’t say it, then they can’t write it. The better we can talk, the better we can write. Once they have spoken about the topic, they then either draw a picture or begin to scribe eventually leading to logically sequenced written ideas.

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