Discovery Learning at Maramba

Students as Entrepreneurs and Global Actioneers

Discovery learning takes Inquiry to an even deeper and holistic level. Discovery is part of the ‘Peer to World’ component of the Human Literacy Pedagogy. It has been developed as a transformational process that allows students to deepen their understanding of themselves, others, and their world. This leads to students creating endless opportunities to develop real-world authentic solutions to issues that they care about.

Discovery comprises a combination of Inquiry, STEAMquiry and design thinking, with opportunities for students to apply and strengthen their Human Literacy elements (i.e. Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional.) The 21st century learning design principles are used to ensure more rigorous planning, and combined with dynamic curriculum mapping, create a transdisciplinary learning approach.

Students harness voice and agency to co-create learning opportunities interdependently focusing on core concepts that support their developmental needs across the curriculum. Through Discovery students become curious explorers, entrepreneurs and global actioneers. They create new knowledge through innovative solutions including S.T.E.A.M. discoveries. Students continually question, research, collaborate, critically think, experiment, design, construct and compassionately present their solutions to improve their lives, their learning and their world with selected key stakeholders. Solutions are shared in unique and inspiring ways depending on student feedback. These have included mini-TED talks; Business Shark Tank afternoons; Invention Conventions; Health and Wellbeing Expos; Science Fairs; Magnificent Movie Events.

Students assess their solutions using a Global Impact Scale to support them to celebrate the depth of their positive influence in our world.

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