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Our Inquiry Thinking Curriculum approach enables our students to explore world-wide and age-old concepts from many different perspectives, encourages them to be empathetic and thoughtful learners and provides opportunity for wonderful exploratory activities; everything from hosting bazaars to creating mini-movies and presentations, and engaging in art and design.

The Inquiry Thinking Curriculum at Maramba PS uses the Mappen online, curriculum-planning tool. The MAPPEN units are designed around eight concepts, which is made up of a suite of 32 primary school, integrated units of inquiry. One concept-based unit of inquiry is delivered each term, which has approximately 40 teaching and learning tasks.

Concepts are explored developmentally from Foundation through to Year Six. This means that while all of the students will be exploring the same concept at the same time, allowing for whole school immersion and cross-level collaboration. This developmental approach ensures that content is not repeated, but is instead ‘scaffolded’ around Bloom’s Taxonomy to match the maturity and readiness of students at each level. As a student progresses through a MAPPEN school the concepts are explored in greater depth addressing mandated standards.

All students in a MAPPEN school explore the same concept at the same time, The 32 units are delivered across a two year scope and sequence, which is designed to accommodate composite or stand-alone classes. This means that there are two possible sequences that students will experience.

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