Our Vision & Values

Our Vision...


Providing a caring environment where aspirations are nurtured, positive relationships grow, success is celebrated and a passion for lifelong learning is ignited.


Nurture. Innovate. Celebrate.


The words Nurture, Innovate and Celebrate encapsulate our vision, which are strengthened by our school values of Relationships, Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. We believe we have a collective responsibility to our philosophy of education, which is to provide quality teaching and learning and improved educational outcomes for all.

In order to achieve this, the school provides an environment, which equips everyone with the strategies & skills for lifelong learning. All staff provide the professional support and commitment students need as they pursue their learning and goals. In doing so, the school seeks to engage the students in learning in its broadest context, connecting them to the wider community.

Our world is continually changing so we have to prepare children for this transformation. We are committed to supporting children through this and ensuring that we continue to challenge ourselves so that we can challenge the children.





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