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At Maramba, all students experience a weekly Visual Arts program filled with highly creative tasks that support innovation, explore new meaning and foster expressions of self. We are always striving to develop the Visual Arts program, which allows students to be creative, stimulated, motivated and excited about their art making. All students have an opportunity to develop their skills and build knowledge as they learn about:

  • Effective techniques and finding new ways of expressing themselves in a comfortable and supportive environment
  • Famous Artists and their artwork
  • Interpreting and responding to their artwork and the artwork of others
  • The history of Art and how it can be used in modern, real-world creativity.

The Visual Arts Program at Maramba combines all the elements of Human Literacy to help students work collaboratively and with an understanding of multiculturalism and history. It helps students intellectually as the curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy are interwoven into their Art learning and understanding. Visual Arts at Maramba supports learners socially by strengthening their confidence as well as their ability to work with other students. Students participate in many hands-on lessons that aim to refine their fine motor skills and support their growth. These are vital skills that can be effectively applied to other subjects. 

Visual Arts is a positive and enriching part of the curriculum. It allows each individual the opportunity to express themselves with boundless ideas through the ‘Elements of Art’ which are covered throughout the year and for all year levels.

 The students learn, explore and develop their artistic skills in:

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Value
  • Form and space

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