Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Maramba


At Maramba, we are always continuing to develop the art room program, which allows the student to be creative, stimulated, motivated and excited about art. The students experience a weekly Visual Arts Program all throughout the year and have an opportunity to learn about:

  • Famous artists
  • The history of Art
  • Different techniques and finding new ways of expressing themselves in a comfortable environment.


The Visual Arts Program aims to capture any emotion, or moment in time. It teaches an understanding of multiculturalism, history and can be applied to other subjects.  It teaches students to work collaboratively. Visual Arts at Maramba not only helps students intellectually it helps them socially by strengthening their confidence as well as their ability to work with other students.

Visual Arts is a positive and enriching part of the curriculum. It allows each individual the opportunity to express themselves with boundless ideas through the “Elements of Art” which are covered throughout the year.


The students learn, explore and develop their artistic skills in:

  • Colour
  • Value
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Form and space.


Student Art Gallery


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