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School Philosophy


Every child is entitled to a good education, with equal access to knowledge, skills, opportunities, aspirations, life chances and dignity. As such, we have a collective responsibility to provide improved educational outcomes for all. Your child deserves the best from this school and we seek to provide this in many ways, the most important of which are a well-planned and well-taught curriculum, in an environment where the safety and well-being of our students is paramount. Our school provides an environment, which equips our students with the strategies & skills for lifelong learning. However, teachers and school staff cannot do this on their own. When a school community works on this together excellent results can be achieved. This includes parents and/or carers supporting their children at home by encouraging learning, good conduct and high expectations. With this community effort, you can see your children reach their full potential.


About Us


Maramba Primary School is a smaller multicultural community sized school with a proud history of 26 years serving the local community of Narre Warren.

Raising standards for the children in this school is the key to our success and what we hope to be able to do is affect the life chances for the children who come through the gates of our school each and every day.

We are clear about our vision, we are clear about where we are going, we are clear about how we are going to get there and we are very clear that we want our parents to work with us.

Parents/Carers & Community

Parents/carers play a really important part in the life of our school. They play a particularly important part in their own children’s learning. We encourage parents/carers to come into school, at every opportunity.

We encourage parents/carers to help in classrooms, to be available or to go on school trips and to come into assemblies but the first thing we ask them to do is to get their children to come to school on time and really ready to learn.

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