At Maramba Primary School, when writing, students are able to express their thoughts and ideas in print, whilst working with teachers to improve their spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and editing skills. Teachers will explicitly teach and model different text types to the students in each writing lesson, then provide time for the students to undertake independent practise of these writing skills with guidance, support and individual teaching strategies. Students then have the opportunity to reflect on their learning, share with partners or the whole class. Students have many opportunities to speak in front of the class, contribute to class discussion, ask questions and research utilising the internet. Writing is often incorporated into our inquiry areas of learning, such as History, Geography and Science. Students will practise their writing skills for real and purposeful means, via researching, reading, writing and reporting on their learning in these other areas of the curriculum.

Teaching and Learning of Writing


  • Learning intentions and success criteria used in each lesson.
  • Students work collaboratively in different ways in lessons – individual, group, pair, share, whole class, peer tutoring, curiosity.
  • Asking questions, exploring.
  • Recognising the importance of correct spoken English: promoting student discussion.
  • Differentiation of learning at the point of need (catering to different learning abilities in lessons).

Student learning outcomes:

  • Students reflect on their learning by editing their own work.
  • High expectations for all students in both quality and quantity.
  • Students to feel confident in their abilities as writers.
  • Students to understand what they need to do to improve.
  • Explicit feedback given by teachers to ensure continuous improvement from all students.
  • Taking responsibility for their learning.

Assessing Writing Development


  • Ongoing assessment to inform teachers’ parents and students.
  • Set writing task (Fiction or non-fiction) three times a year from Foundation – Y6.
  • Maramba’s bespoke writing rubric to identify level of achievement and future writing goals.
  • Moderation of writing pieces.
  • Setting students personalised writing goals.


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