Learning Support

Individualised Learning Support


The students identified as requiring individualised learning support are catered for with a highly effective and efficient Program for Student with Disabilities, Language Support and Speech Pathology Assistance Program.


What is provided:

  • Educational support staff work closely with students in the Program for Students with Disability (PSD) on a daily basis.
  • Differentiated learning is provided by the class teacher at the students point of need to ensure access and engagement of the curriculum.
  • Student Support Service Officers (SSSO), allocated by the Department of Education in each school strengthen the program by delivering speech and language support, learning assessments and supporting staff with focussed interventions.
  • Individual Learning Plans (ILP) that identify clear targets for the student’s developmental needs across the curriculum, which are reviewed on a termly.
  • Behaviour Support Plans (BSP) are developed where a need is identified to implement appropriate strategies to support the student with managing their behaviour.
  • PSG meetings are facilitated to share with parents and the student the targets and strategies outlined in the ILP or BSP.

Reading Support Program - Toe By Toe

At Maramba Primary School, we run a very successful literacy support program for students in Year 2 – 6. The program is called Toe By Toe and has been running successfully in schools all over the world for many years. Here at Maramba, we commenced the program in 2014 and have been building on that success ever since.

Students are seen regularly on a one to one basis. Improvement in student engagement and ability is immeasurable. The program assists students with reading using phonics based learning in addition to spelling rules, sight words and syllable division.


  • Developed over 25 years, Toe By Toe can be used by anyone aged 7 and upwards.
  • It is essentially a decoding book.
  • Students learn how to convert letters (or groups of letters – words) into the appropriate sounds.
  • In simple terms, Toe By Toe gives people the ability to read the English language.
  • As well as improving students reading fluency, Toe By Toe helps them improve their comprehension of written text.
  • Within six months of starting to study with Toe By Toe, some students improved their reading age by as much as 3-7 years.
  • Toe By Toe is not only for children whose first language is English. Adults who struggle to read fluently can also benefit from studying Toe By Toe.
  • Toe By Toe has also successfully helped both adults and children whose first language is not English.


Students who work on the program, build confidence and greatly improve their reading abilities. For further information regarding the program, please contact the Assistant Principal Ms Morwood.

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