Coding at Maramba

Students at Maramba participate in 21st-century learning where they develop skills that prepare them to be global citizens. Students participate in weekly coding sessions where they practise skills that allow them to be computational thinkers and solve problems in innovative ways. Students incorporate the SPICE elements to work effectively in teams through collaboration and effective communication.



Students will learn what algorithms are and how to program an algorithm into a device, e.g. a robot, iPad or a computer. They will also learn how to debug simple programs of their own. Students will be introduced to Bee-bots and Blue-bots, in particular how to control a Blue-bot using an external device, such as an iPad. Students will learn how to sequence block algorithms using Scratch Jr in order to create simple animations and games.


Years 3-6

Students will create and debug more complicated programs. They will develop their computational thinking skills in order to decompose larger problems by breaking them down into smaller pieces. Students will be introduced to Dot and Dash, where they will establish a foundation for 21st learning by designing algorithms and finding solutions to address errors in programming. Students will use the program Scratch to create their own interactive games and animations and they will explore the Hour of Code website where they will learn how coding is used to create games, such as Minecraft.



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