School News - Year 5 Fountain Gate Secondary College Endeavour Centre experience

Posted: September 12, 2019

Year 5 Fountain Gate Secondary College Endeavour Centre experience

On Thursday the 5th of September, the year fives went to Fountain Gate Secondary College. I was so excited to experience the Endeavour Centre. When we arrived I was still excited, I could not wait! Mr. Smit introduced hydrodynamics to us and told everyone the different tasks we could do. I got to do the coding of robots. However, when Mr. Smit told us the steps it was really confusing. I went with my group and started to do the coding then had to download it. There was many steps that I forgot one. Claudia and I were having trouble then we got help and it finally worked! It was really fun and I wish to do it again. It took courage, resilience, team work and problem solving to make it work! Leandra 5R20.


Going to the Endeavour STEM centre was exhilarating! On Thursday the 5th of September the year fives went on a journey to the Endeavour centre at Fountain Gate Secondary College to learn about hydrodynamics. Each class was split into one of two different activities: robot coding and circuitry. Our class did robot coding; which was incredibly exciting! We were split into pairs, each with our own laptop and robot. My group pair was Elvin and I and our main goal was to successfully move and turn our given robot. At the start we had some troubles mainly because our laptop was not cooperating with us, but eventually we got it to work. Once we got it to work, we made our first mission: to manoeuvre our robot around my hand. Surprisingly, it was much trickier than we had in mind! Later the mission was successful! One done, time for another. We were halfway through accomplishing it but time got to us. Even though we were out of time, the experience was amazing! Phoenix 5R20.


On Thursday the 5th of September the year five cohort travelled down to Fountain Gate Secondary College for a STEAM hydrodynamics experience. At the secondary college, there was a man named Mr. Smit. He kindly gave us an introduction to what we were doing there. After the explanations about hydrodynamics the year 5 cohort were split into groups so that we could experience different activities. Our class were sent to an engineering room and we were told that we were going to make a water identification tool. We had to collaborate efficiently as completing a full circuit was very complicated. After doing lots of wiring, my partner and I were down to the last piece to complete a circuit. It was called the transistor and oh my! It was fidgety! Mr Green, an engineer guru, came and saved the day for Samaah and I. We added the battery and completed the circuit. Once we had it connected with two of the probes, the LED lit up. Ours worked but Mrs. Kettle’s and Zahra’s creation sadly did not. I realised something was wrong with the screw so I told them and as a result the problem was fixed. Overall my experience was phenomenal! Manal 5K18

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