School News - The Maramba Treehouse Spectacular

Posted: October 31, 2019

The Maramba Treehouse Spectacular

What an amazing performance by all the students last night at the musical production. All of their hard work rehearsing paid off with a spectacular show. They all should be exceptionally proud of themselves as I am and I am sure the whole school community is too! School events like these really demonstrate the students’ continual ability to amaze us with their resilience and creativity. Well done to everyone for a memorable performance and also to the students who practiced over the past term and a half but were unable to attend!

Thank you to all the families and extended school community for showing your support in coming to the show and helping to provide costumes on the big night. One of our school’s many successes is the strength of our community around events like these. As a smaller school, we truly are very lucky to have such dedicated families. Thank you!

I would like to say a special thank you to two of our parents, Annette and Paul McDonald-Stitt, whose contribution to the production was nothing short of amazing. They significantly contributed to the creation of many of the stage sets, supported 3/4W13 with their costumes, make-up for the Foundation to Year 4s and also took class photos on the rehearsal day at Bunjil Place. Thank you for your invaluable contribution!

While the production’s success can be attributed to the huge combined contribution of staff and our parent community, and of course our student’s performance, I would like to say a very big thank you to our Performing Arts teacher Mr Guy Shenfield. Without all of his organisation and directorial management of the production our second whole school musical would not have been possible! Thank you Mr Shenfield you did an amazing job again!


Our students wanted to share their thoughts about the performance:

Rehearsal was fun and I feel more confident now. Kiera 34P14

I had a great time performing our scene on stage for the first time. Mili 34P14

I was so confident dancing on stage because I love to dance. Simran 1W6

I was a little bit nervous but I had fun. Maya 1M7

I thought I did a good job. Kristian 2VT11

I loved it! Millie 2G12

It was fantastic being on stage and I loved watching the other performances. Charlie 34W13

It was fun and I liked watching the other classes on stage. Nick 34P14

It is just amazing; I am having lots of fun at Bunjil Place. Dean 1W6

I like the backgrounds and the back stage; it brings out what the songs are all about. Susanna 1M7

I like how we get to listen to other classes play at Bunjil Place. Caitlyn 1W6

I like the production because we get to see all of our school. Harriet FB8

I like being on stage. Luke FB8

I love being at Bunjil and we sung two songs. Chelsea FL10

I tried out for talking parts and was lucky to be picked. I feel blessed being in the school production. Ahmed 6K2

Being in the school production is a good excuse to express myself. I really enjoyed being it. Jonathon 6K2

I am honoured to be here in the production. I have made it all the way, as it is my first time to have a talking part. I feel very blessed. Tijana 6K2

It is so much fun doing the dance in the production. Mikayla 2VT11

It is fun going on stage and doing dance in the production. Celeste 2VT11

Being on stage makes, you feel good and famous. Xavier 2G12

Being on stage has improved my confidence and when practising at school I have made many friendships. Alley 34F16

I feel happy because I have a talking part in the production and I feel my English is getting better. Sunny 34F16

I have learnt it is important to talk loud and look up when on the stage. Devine 34F16


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