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Posted: March 19, 2020

School Cross Country

The school Cross Country event was held on Friday 13th March from 9.15am-11.00am. Children in Foundation, Year 1 and 2 ran a shorter modified course which had markers set out indicating where to go. There were marshals set out along the course so nobody got lost! Children in Years 3-6 will run in their age group, which is decided by how old they are at the end of 2020. The students who were 8/9/10 Years old ran two kilometres (two laps), 11 Years old ran three kilometres (three laps) and 12/13 Years old ran three kilometres (three laps).

This event will be the selection process for District Cross Country, with the top 10 place getters representing Maramba at District level.
All students from Foundation to Year 6 participated. It would be great to have the whole school out at the beginning to support all age groups and create an atmosphere of encouragement and appreciation as students pass the finish line. These are some of comments from the students who participated:

I felt really excited when we lined up at the flags and everyone was cheering! Dean 2M12

I felt excited to run. Luka T 2M12

It was really fun. Adrian 2M12

I tried my best and had fun. Safun 2M12

We got to run and everyone cheered. Luca L 2M12

I liked when everyone cheered for me at the end and I ran fast. Leo C 2M12

The Cross Country was hard but I still had fun. Albert 2M12

I tried my best and I came 9th. Tyson 2P11

I felt nervous at the start but then I enjoyed it. Aaron 2P11

Cross country was super good! Steffy FB8

Cross country was lots of fun. Indi FB8

It was fun running with my two buddies. Braxton FB8

I liked running. Mason FB8

It was fun and I liked riunning. Hannah FB8

Cross country was fun because you got to exercise and be outside. When I did cross country I forgot to stop
running at the end. Claudia 6G2

It was fun because we got to run with our buddies. My buddy is Hayley and she was amazing. She kept trying
her hardest to finish. Olivia 6G2

Cross country was realy fun. I liked that at the end people were cheering for you. Plus I really liked the
mowed track that we had to run on. Charlie 34P14

I liked how we got to run with our friends, this made it easier. It was nice that we could cheer others on.
Lincoln 34P14

I thought cross country was really hard to run around the whole school but I had a growth mindset and I
didn’t give up. I felt really proud of myself getting to the end. Gabby 5M18

Cross country was very hard but I was persistent . It was fun to run with my friends, that made it easier. I
came 9th in the race which made me proud. Rohan 5M18

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