School News - Maramba Kindergarten Visit – 3

Posted: August 7, 2019

Maramba Kindergarten Visit – 3

On Wednesday 7th August, fifteen eager Year 5 students visited Maramba Kindergarten to read to enthusiastic students in the kindergarten group. This was our third group of Year 5 students who have visited the kindergarten and are keen to share their visit.

Today I had a spectacular experience in the kindergarten with two kids that were really joyful and liked to read books. My partners’ favourite book was “Aussie Dad” and the kids had made amazing connections to real life. One of the connections a child made was that they had tools and their dad did too when there was a page about DIY.

I asked the children for their favourite part of the book and they both said, “The start with the Aussie Dad and his shorts”. I taught them the words, snarled, umpteen and Bathurst.

After I finished the book, they both laughed and had an extraordinary experience. Billal 5R20

Anxiously, I slowly walked into the kindergarten as the children calmly and patiently sat on the floor waiting to be read to. Suddenly, I got partnered with two kind and excited children who were ready to read! As we sat down they introduced themselves and I introduced myself back to them .Soon we read books they were so collaborative and also asked and answered questions which was extraordinary! In conclusion, we had an astonishing bonding time together, hopefully I could see them soon again! Sakeena Safi, 5R20

My incredible experience as a year 5 at Maramba kindergarten was spectacular, I read 2 books to a delightful girl. She listened well, cooperated and paid attention to my reading, she was very interested in the book and adored the pictures. It was wonderful experience that we got to visit the kinder garden and I hope to visit it again. Gracie 5R20

Today was amazing. I had great kids that listened to me and picked great books! One of the kid’s names was Ayaan and he could pick out nearly every animal that was in one of the books! The over kid was Devin. He was not much of a talker but he still picked really good books! I can’t wait to go there again because it was astonishing! The first book I read to them was “The Bus to the Zoo” and they loved it! I can’t wait to meet them again! Jyah 5K18.

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