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Posted: November 7, 2019

Halloween Disco

On Friday the 1st November, the Friends of Maramba (FOM) worked endlessly to decorate the old gym for the school disco and organised food, drinks and glow sticks for the children. The night was an excellent success with all the support of FOM and their many helpers. The students all left the disco with smiles and exciting stories of the night to share with their families. Thanks FOM for such a great night.

The disco was so much fun. There was music, food, drinks and prizes it was good. There were so many good cos-tumes the DJ put on good songs my favourite was Spooky Scary Skeleton. I won a prize for being a nice dancer I felt great. At the end, everyone got a lolly bag I loved the disco, I wonder what it will be like next year. Stevan 34W13

At the disco night, there were people that were dressed up as many things. Some people just came in normal clothes, but anyone who attended had lots of fun. Everybody who came to the Disco received a bottle of water and a mouthwatering sausage with sauce. There were prizes that you could win if you danced fantastically! When the disco ended, you got a lolly bag before you went home. Cody O 5K18

At the Halloween disco, we had so much fun. We danced, we chattered and played small enjoyable musical games. The disco was an addiction to all of us and no one wanted to leave the Halloween Disco! The decorations were to-tally out of the box. What a way to have fun. Megan T 34F16

Last Friday we had a Halloween disco and it was fun because there was sausages and prizes and you cannot forget the wonderful music. I sadly did not get any prizes but I had lots of fun! All my friends came and danced with me but sadly Gael did not come but it was extra fun! Paige 34W13

On 1st November, we had a Halloween school disco it was super fun. We had sausages and bottles of water and no one forget the music because it was a disco! My favourite song was old town. There were prizes but unfortunately, I did not win one. It was a super fun night. Bella 34W13

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