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Posted: September 9, 2019

District Athletics

On Monday the 26th August, fifty Maramba students attended the District Athletics Carnival at Casey Fields in Cranbourne. We were very fortunate because it was a beautiful day, with the sun shining brightly. These incredible athletes competed in track and field events and performed with exceptional determination and aptitude. Our athletes competed against other local schools and were superb representatives for our school. We had outstanding accomplishments with students who has qualified to represent Maramba Primary School at the next level of competition.

It was fun and very challenging as I was in the discus and you had to throw it accurately so it was would not go out. In the running events you had to race very fast people and try and get first, second or third to get a ribbon. Haseeb 6W4

It was a very exciting experience and I am very proud of myself how I went in the girl’s hurdles, Emelia 5R20

It was exciting and challenging especially the high jump because the bar was raised higher each time you make it over. Jayden 6K2

I was really excited because I was in the girls relay and we all had fun. Tayla 34P14

I was in the 800m and relay and it was sensational as I competed and tried my hardest and I have made it through to divisional. I came second and I am very proud of myself. Devine 34F16

The athletics day was great as we competed against other schools in Casey. I was able to compete in events with my friends. Angel 5K18

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