School News - A visit to the Shrine of Remembrance

Posted: October 25, 2019

A visit to the Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance is Victoria’s largest and most visited war memorial of National Significance. It is also Melbourne’s most recognized landmark. Our Year 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the Shrine of Remembrance and learn about the service and sacrifice of Australian men and women in war and peacekeeping activities. Our students will also participate in a non religious service of Remembrance. Maramba students gained an insight into the experience of Australian soldiers and nurses throughout wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations, as well as the symbolic meaning of the Shrine.




On Wednesday the 16th of October 2019, Year 5s and 6s were invited to have a free tour at The Shrine of Remembrance. We learnt about three soldier from World War 1. We were split up into 4 groups and we were led around different parts of the Shrine First, we learnt about Albert Jacker who was a farm boy that went to war in 1914 -1918. He was wounded three times but still kept fighting in the war. He survived the war but suffered from poisoning as he was too slow to put on his face mask. The poison effected his lungs. He returned home but he had died 18 months later from the effects of the poisoning which effected his breathing. He returned with a pine cone and which was planted as a memory of the battle fields. Some of these are planted outside The Shrine of Remembrance. Lest We Forget.

Next we learnt about Walter William Woods. He joined the Navy when he was 18 and his parents had given permission to fight for his country. He was a farm boy who had 2 brothers including himself and 9 sisters. People say he only went to get away from his bossy sisters! His family loved the letter W`s as every member of the family had a name starting with a ‘w’. Our tour guide told us, his wife’s great uncle was Walter William Woods. Walter received lots of badges. He also showed us bullets that he kept as souvenirs, but to me they looked a sinker off of a fishing rod. He also had a tin where he would put a candle in so they could write postcards or letters at night time. Lest We Forget

Finally we learnt that soldiers might not have washed for up to 4 weeks. When they had down time, they would play cricket with their friends. Some soldiers made toys such as metal tractors. Lest We Forget Dorian 6W4


Letters to an Unknown Soldier

Dear Unknown Soldier,
I am writing to you so that you know that I care about what you did for your country, for my country, for Australia. You fought for the greater good and I am grateful for the bravery and courage you showed on those battlefields of hell. You did not die in vain and you are being recognised for your selfless act even if it’s not your name that people know of. When you died in the heart or war, I hope you were proud, because I am. I am proud of you and all the others that died to protect the present and future of others. This week we went to the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance and while we are there we will think of you. I pay my respects to you and your fellow soldiers who died bravely for your country. I and my peers are grateful for your deeds. Lest We Forget.
Alyx Chalkley 6W4

Dear all Unknown Soldiers,
Thank you so much for all you’ve done in an attempt to guarantee our freedom and make Australia what it is today: a better place than it was back then. You might’ve dropped your name tag in a desperate rush for cover, leapt yourself onto a grenade to protect other poor souls, gotten into a battle so serious that your identity couldn’t make the cut; no matter, you have fought with pure bravery, courage and determination so we are proud, that’s what matters. I would love to express my gratitude more but all, I can say is that not only do you matter but are vital- vital to how we can enjoy a whole world that wouldn’t have existed without you. Congratulations, you may rest in peace knowing that in a way, you ARE known!
Jai 6W4



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